Spine surgery

When deciding whether or not to conduct spinal surgery, the benefits and risks for the patient should be weighed up. READ MORE

Fluoroscopy-guided injections

Back pain can be alleviated with different kinds of treatments, including injections, depending on the specialist’s diagnosis. READ MORE

Ultrasound-guided injections

Ultrasound enables us to see blood vessels, muscles, fasciae and some cavities, which are often where the pain that we want to treat originates. READ MORE


Rehabilitation treatment aims to improve spinal pain and function by non-invasive means. READ MORE


Acupuncture is a cost-effective way of treating pain and psychological effects, and improving spine function. READ MORE


Osteopathy is a set of non-invasive manipulation techniques, which are used to relieve a wide range of conditions. READ MORE


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Paciente (vía Doctoralia)

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Paciente(vía Doctoralia)

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Paciente(vía Doctoralia)