Radiating lower back pain can, in some cases, respond to non-surgical treatment:

Facet joint injections

Cervical and lumbar rhizolysis

Foraminal injections

Pain in the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar) is an extremely common problem in the adult population, and is one of the main causes of absence from work.

These conditions interfere very significantly with everyday activities, on a personal level for the sufferer, but also with regard to family and social activities.

It often involves pain radiating to the limbs, which may be due to compression of the nerves that pass through the spine.


It is essential to study and assess each case individually, to select patients who have not responded well to conservative treatment but may benefit from percutaneous treatments.

Some cases of back pain can be resolved without surgery.

These image-guided treatments can solve the problem, avoiding the need for surgical treatment.

Our team is accustomed to selecting these cases, starting with a thorough investigation of the patient’s medical history and a clinical examination. This is combined with the relevant complementary examinations, and enables us to offer therapies that are guaranteed to help eliminate pain in the least aggressive way possible.